Our Vision Plan

Effective September 1, 2015, your health benefits transitioned to the School Employees Health Benefits plan (SEHBP).   Under your previous Aetna plan, which expired August 31, 2015, you had both an annual routine eye exam coverage as well as a $300 reimbursement for Vision Hardware (glasses or contacts), every 2 years.

The new SEHBP plan will continue to cover your annual eye exam, if you use a participating provider.   However, the SEHBP plan does not cover vision hardware.

To provide coverage for the vision hardware, you will be enrolled with National Vision Administrators, LLC (NVA) effective September 1, 2015.  Attached, please find a welcome letter. Below, please find information on your new vision plan.

-NVA Welcome Letter

-NVA Benefit Summary

-NVA Web Registration and Portal User Guide -NVA Claim form (use only for a NON-participating provider)


If you have elected medical coverage through the SEHBP plan, we have provided your enrollment information to NVA and you will not need to complete any forms.  Your enrollment will be completed for the September 1, 2015 effective date.


You will not be receiving ID cards.  On or after September 1, 2015, you can print your own ID card by logging onto the NVA website,,  and registering with a USER ID and password.   Please see attached “NVA-Member Web Registration and NVA Portal User Guide”.  Page 2-5 of the document will give you instructions on how to Register.   Page 9 of the document will provide you with instructions on how to print your ID card.    You will not be able to register or print ID cards prior to September 1, 2015.


Your vision hardware benefits will be the same as your current plan.  You will get $300 coverage every 2 years. See attached NVA Benefit Summary.   If you use a participating NVA provider, you will receive your hardware at the NVA contracted rates, and you will get $300 taken off the total price.   If you use a non-participating provider, you will pay 100% up front, and you can submit for a $300 reimbursement.

Again, please note that the new NVA plan is a HARDWARE  plan only.   To get coverage for your annual routine eye exam, you must use a participating provider in SEHBP Horizon BCBSNJ or Aetna (whichever plan you have).  You can ask your provider for a prescription which you can bring to a participating NVA provider to purchase the hardware.


You can log onto the> website to find a participating provider.  Instructions on how to find a provider are found on pages 10-13 on the attached “Member Web Registration and NVA Portal User guide”.     If you are not registered, you can still visit the website, and select the “Find a Provider” link on the  home page and enter group number 13030001.


If you use a non-network provider, then you will need to submit your own claim.   You can submit a claim directly through the> website.   Instructions are found on pages 22-25 of the “Member Web Registration and NVA Portal User guide” .  Or you can submit a paper claim – please see attached claim form for NON-participating provider reimbursement.


You can call NVA after your September 1, 2015 effective date if you have any questions.  They can be reached at 800-672-7723.    If you have any questions prior to September 1, 2015, or if you need further assistance after having called NVA, you can call or email Brown and Brown Benefit Advisors at 609-397-3088 – Crystal Bromiley