Tuition Reimbursement Process

Here are the steps so you know what to expect...

1.  Member submits course approval form (must include course description and cost). Course approval form is on the district site, staff portal, HR/Forms or Click Here

 Deadlines to get paperwork in are:
Summer – June 30; Fall – Sept. 30; Spring – Jan. 31
There is no deadline indicated for winter courses.
(Of course, fall courses will begin before 9/30 and spring classes before 1/31.) 


2.  The request for approval then goes on the next Board of Ed meeting agenda.

3.  Once approved, HR (Marianne Tomore) creates a purchase order in the system. She sends an email to the member that the course has been Board approved.  (NOW YOU CAN SIGN UP AND PAY FOR THE COURSE.)

4.  After you finish the course, send official transcripts and proof of payment to Marianne Tomore in HR.  She signs off on the purchase order FOR THE FIRST COURSE ONLY.

5.  Next, it goes to accounts payable (Monica Weimer) for processing.

6.  It will then go on the agenda (on the bills list) for the next “Business” meeting of the Board (which is the second meeting of the month).

7.  Within 10 days of Board approval (according to contract language), member will receive a check (FOR THE FIRST COURSE* ONLY).

**When a member is taking more than one course, the district needs to make sure every member who takes their first course will be able to get their full reimbursement (as per contract language).  Therefore, a member's second and third courses will get reimbursed through the same process above starting in February.  

July 1 – June 30 is the annual reimbursement period