MTEA Executive Council 2022-2023

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Who’s Who in the MTEA- Great Resource For All!


Jim Dolan – President

Chris Resch – VP MHS 

Karen Kevorkian – 1st VP& VP UMS

Megan Murphy & Jocelyn Keefe – VP LMS

Laurie Winer – VP VES

Adam Hackel  -VP OHES

Mike Rizzoli – Special Education VP

Jim Pendleton – Grievance/Negotiations (HS)


 – Negotiations

Mary Chemris – Evaluations & PD Chair

 Jessica Pagodin – Membership 


Tammie Fisher & Heather Edwards – Equity Chairs (VES)


Kelly Rafferty – Treasurer

Kristiana Colandrea – Budget

Gina Iacono & Kristina Shebchuk – Social (MHS)

Lisa Chedid – Legislative


Aubrie Caprio – Secretary (VES)

Dan Pace – ESP Member at Large (UMS)

Sharon Marrow – S/B/C at Large (BO)

Dan Kerwin – G/M/C at Large (MHS)

Staci Anderson – PRIDE/FAST Chair (UMS)

David Gordon – Philanthropic Chair (LMS)

Deb O’Reilly & Alison Koblin – Member at Large

Committees 2022-2023

Benefits Chairperson – Jen Amberson Jones (HS)

Committee Members:

OHES:  – Stephanie Shaffer Obe

VES:  Kurt Franey

LMS:  Jocelyn Keefe

UMS:   Lale Saatchi & Betsy Wasiak

HS:   Anna Panova

Evaluations & Professional Development  Chairperson – Chris Resch

Committee Members:

OHES:  Eric Sletteland  (Eval), Steph Shaffer-Obe (Eval)

VES:  Linda Truscinski (Eval),  Kim Vanatta (Eval/DEAC)

LMS:  Jenn Rangnow (Eval), Meg Murphy (Eval)

UMS: Betsy Randolph (Eval), Mary Chemris (Eval)

MHS: Deb O’Reilly (Eval), Bill Dominic (Eval)

Grievance Chairperson – Jim Pendleton (HS)

Committee Members:

HS: Open

UMS: Mary Chemris

LMS:  Mike Hill

VES:  Genifer Leimbacher

OHES:  Julia Santoro & Stephanie Shaffer Obe

G/M/C:  Dan Kerwin (12 months)

Equity Chair – Tammie Fischer & Heather Edwards

Committee Members:

MHS – Vivika Mandyhan

UMS – Staci Anderson

LMS – Cathy Gonzalez

VES – Fatima Mughal



Website – Genifer Leimbacher (VES) – Committee Members:  Leg Action/Social/Pres/PRIDE to work on announcements

Elections – Wendy Wachtel (UMS)
Head Building Reps to assist with Elections

Philanthropic Treasurer – Kelly Rafferty

PRIDE Treasurer – Kelly Rafferty

SCEA Liaison – Lisa Chedid

Sick Bank – Tammie Fischer
Committee Members:

Jim Dolan (District)

Dan Kerwin (G/M/C)

Jen Amberson Jones (HS)

Linda Orcinolo (Para)

Soda Machine –  Michele Caltiere, Lynn Powers, Kelly Worman