Below are some follow-up questions to a previous workshop about Family Medical Leave Act.
For more information about the Family Medical Leave Act visit the Department of Labor web site-

Q: When is the money deducted from 10 month employees’ checks to cover the insured period through the summer?

 A: The contribution for summer insurance coverage is made during the school year preceding the summer.

Q: If an employee is beginning FMLA mid-September, how do they pay for their insurance contributions?

A: If the leave is known the preceding year, deductions would start upon BOE approval of the leave. If the leave is not known ahead of time and it is sudden, the employee cuts a check to cover his/her contributions for the duration of the leave.

Q: If an employee is pre-paying their insurance contributions in preparation for a leave, but then decides to opt out of the District’s insurance to be added to the spouse’s plan, will they get reimbursed?

A: Yes

Q: Can an employee use their Ameriflex debit card to pay for their insurance contributions?

A: No, Flex Spending is not designed for this expenditure.

Q: Will an employee taking FMLA to care for him/herself receive insurance pay, like what one receives when on a maternity leave?

A: No, FLI is a State benefit. NJFLA does not provide the benefit of taking time off to care for oneself. Therefore, when an employee is taking a leave to care for oneself, he or she is taking FMLA, which is a Federal benefit.